sandbox (plural sandboxes)

  1. A box used for holding sand, for the purpose of young children playing in it.
  2. (Wiktionary jargon) On many Wikis, the sandbox is a page where users are free to experiment with codes without destroying or damaging any legitimate content.
  3. In some computing execution environments, an isolated area where a program executes without being privilege to all the resources available.

7 letters in word "sandbox": A B D N O S X.

No anagrams for sandbox found in this word list.

Words found within sandbox:

ab abo abos abs ad ado ados ads an and ands as ax axon axons ba bad bads ban band bands bans bas bason bo boa boas bod bods bon bona bond bonds bos box da dab dabs dan dans das do doab doabs dob dobs don dona donas dons dos dso na nab nabs naos nas no nob nobs nod nods nos nox ob oba obas obs od oda odas ods on ons os ox sab sad san sand sax snab snob snod so sob sod soda son sox